Child and Family Counselling

We offer counselling to infants and toddlers alongside their parents as well as older children up to teens on a 1:1 basis. Creating a nurturing, respectful and confidential environment in our therapy sessions is key to helping your child feel safe to share and work through any stressful or negative emotions, whether they are struggling at school, feeling anxious or overwhelmed with their lives. It is important that they have a safe space to share and work through these feelings, giving themselves the tools to help become more resilient and confident.

As a parent it can be hard to see our children struggle. For smaller children, parents are often included in the sessions which will often include parental guidance and new tools to try at home. For older children and teens, we aim to create a level of respect and privacy so that they are able to be their most honest selves. This means that family members will only be at the first session unless the child would like them present.





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