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Juliette de Saint Lager


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Background & Experience

Originally from Paris, Juliette has been an expat for the last 16 years and has lived in New York, London, Hong Kong and now Singapore. She worked for many years in the fashion industry as a commercial and brand director until she made the decision to follow up on an old dream of becoming a psychologist. Since then she has been busy distance learning and is in her fourth year of her Psychology Bachelor degree with a British University. In the interim she also developed her knowledge through a certification in professional coaching and started her coaching career in Hong Kong, focusing on family related issues.


As a coach, most of Juliette’s clients have been women and couples navigating through issues related to motherhood, parenthood and communication struggles. 

Since becoming a mother to a neurodivergent child herself, Juliette’s personal journey led her to the Barkley parent’s training method.  This is a parent training program which gives a specific framework of guidance to parents with children with ADHD or/and ODD.

Juliette’s coaching approach is founded in achieving tangible outcomes and fostering growth.  She thrives on witnessing individuals and families succeed in their goals – both big and small!


Juliette loves to go on outdoor adventures with her children, and she has a passion for live shows (theatre, concerts…).

As a child and teen she was a fencer (National Championship level) and dedicated 10 years of her life to training multiple times of week!



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