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Background & Experience

Gema’s professional journey started in Paediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU), where she provided dedicated care to critically ill children and their families, fostering resilience and support during challenging times.  Transitioning to the educational setting, she directed her efforts towards individuals with high Special Educational Needs (SEN), focusing on elevating their overall quality of life and creating an environment conducive to them thriving.  Gema also engaged in roles within mainstream schools, contributing to inclusive education practices and fostering a positive learning environment.  She also worked with private clients, addressing a spectrum of needs ranging from behavior management and depression to behavioural addiction.

Gema brings to Rise Kids and Teens her extensive experience in clinical research, dedicating a significant portion of her free time to this pursuit. She has successfully published various critical clinical papers.


Gema’s primary focus lies in children, spanning from infants to teenagers, recognising the critical developmental stages during this period.  Employing a holistic approach, she rejects the notion of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, preferring to examine potential factors from various perspectives—physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects.

Currently, Gema’s primary emphasis is on instructing children and their families in strategies to develop effective executive functioning skills.



Gema is passionate about everything she does.  She loves getting lost in reading, from scientific reports to fantasy books.  She is also a keen swimmer and competed in track and field in state competitions in USA.   Gema has lived on 3 continents and loves exploring different cultures.




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